World's fastest log analysis

Sneller is the fastest and easiest way to run real-time queries on your unstructured data in S3.

Turn your event data into insights: CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, plus your own logs, metrics, and more!

Serverless and Speedy

Query TBs per second using standard SQL.

Pay only for what you use at $150 per PB scanned.

Leverage Sneller’s handwritten SIMD/AVX-512 assembly.

Simple and Scalable

Scale to petabyte-size tables on S3 object storage with ease.

Keep your data in your own S3 buckets with no need for indexing.

Low latency (~3 sec) direct ingest from S3 at zero cost.

Schemaless and Stateless

Ingest any JSON, CSV, TSV, and more without defining schemas or ETL-ing your data.

Never lose data due to full separation of storage and compute.

True multi-tenant SaaS with no need to manage infrastructure.

Standard SQL

Simple REST API for all your SQL queries.

Robust support for SQL with many useful extensions.

Navigate nested structures just as easily as in Javascript.

system architecture

Our blog

The Sneller development team regularly posts in-depth information about the product and its internals.

64-bit Integer Division with AVX-512

by Petr Kobalicek on May 30, 2023

Integer division is an arithmetic operation that is not provided natively by SIMD instruction set extensions. In this article we provide a vectorized solution to successfully divide signed 64-bit integers by taking advantage of AVX-512

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Introducing Iguana: extremely fast SIMD-optimized decompression

by Piotr Wyderski on May 30, 2023

Sneller relies on a custom vectorized compression algorithm to enable extreme decompression speeds.

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Branchless Code With AVX-512

by Henk-Jan Lebbink on May 10, 2023

Sneller uses 16 parallel data lanes for almost all tasks, including loading and decompressing data, all without the use of branches. We heavily rely on predicated instruction execution provided by the AVX-512 instruction set to achieve this. In this post, we will explain a simple example of converting a string to uppercase, which is frequently used in our string processing functions.

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Accelerating Fuzzy Search using AVX-512

by Henk-Jan Lebbink on May 8, 2023

We present our SQL fuzzy string compare and contains functionality that allows multi GiB/s processing without any need for preprocessing or indexing. Yes, that is right, fuzzy functionality yet no planning needed!

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